Occupational Wellness And Security Management Systems (OHSMS)


What is a management program?

According to ISO 9001:2008 (the newest version of the Good quality Common and forerunner to numerous occupational overall health and security (OHS) management program requirements which includes AS/NZS 4801:2001), organisations will have to recognize and handle several linked activities to function efficiently.

It goes on to go over the require for managing sources, inputs and outputs and so forth, generating the point that only by means of a systematic or course of action strategy will an organisation be capable to preserve handle. Place merely, a management program is the structure that enables organisations to handle the way they operate.

Why formalise?

Some may perhaps argue that organisations exist, possibly even flourish, without the need of any kind of management program. Having said that, upon closer inspection, this is not the case. All profitable organisations have values, policies, procedures, typical processes and practices. Irrespective of whether documented or not, these are the elements of that organisation’s program of management. By formalising this program, an organisation has the chance to additional overview its overall performance, formally figure out what operates and does not perform, agree to the preferred processes and proactively handle its continuous improvement.

Pitfalls of purchasing an off-the-shelf OHSMS

An all also frequent response is for an organisation to seek to obtain an OHS / WHS management program (OHSMS / WHSMS) ‘off the shelf’. With no the needed contextualisation or engagement of relevant stakeholders through the style, are not only most likely to be a incorrect match for the organization but they normally fail to obtain the momentum to survive or could even be sabotaged from inside the organisation.

A management system requirements to be owned and operated by the organisation. No CEO worth their salt would dream to publish business vision, values or policy which they had merely downloaded from the online and but they may perhaps take into consideration managing their workplace overall health and security this way.

Pitfalls of designing a program

However interpreting national or international requirements and creating a compliant OHS / WHS management program can be rather complicated. Even practitioners very skilled in their relevant disciplines can come across it tricky negotiating the course of action and making a thing that meets the relevant criteria. Alternatively, numerous organisations finish up with an OHSMS /WHSMS that meets all the specifications but outcomes in a circumstance exactly where their people today are slaves to the documentation without the need of seeing any actual added worth to their processes or improvement in their workplace security overall performance.


So if an ‘off-the-shelf’ program is not the ideal strategy and your organisation does not have the internal experience, what is the answer? In the exact same way CEOs and boards of directors seek independent legal tips, due diligence from an accounts auditing firms or the specialist opinion of an engineer, there are numerous situations exactly where the style, improvement, implementation and overview of OHS / WHS management systems demand external specialists.

When looking for this experience, take into consideration the providers background, expertise, qualifications and previous successes. Moreover, if the OHS / WHS consultant is not certified to audit a management program to the applicable typical, then how could the style an OHS /WHS management program to meet it? If they have no actual sector expertise then how will they adapt the cold tough pages of generic specifications to your organization requirements? It pays to ask about your network, seek referrals, do background checks and ask proposing OHS Consultants for relevant client references.


A properly developed, created and implemented management program can not only present further perform and legal compliance but can be a worthwhile tool to driving your organization to additional OHS / WHS improvement.

For far more details on OHS / WHS Management Systems, pay a visit to the OSHEM Options web site [link below].


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